CS144 Alternator Upgrade for GM 3100 3.1L Engine

Install the large case Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier CS144 alternator in your 1995-1999* Vehicle with the GM 3100 (3.1L) Engine. Available in many different outputs, 140 Amp, 170 Amp, 200 Amp, 250 Amp, and 350 Amp. Single rectifier units are also available.

stock gm 3100 engine alternator
cs144 alternator

The installation in this 1997 Chevy Lumina with the 3100 (3.1L) motor was about as simple as it gets. It is virtually a matter of taking out the old and installing the new larger more reliable Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier alternator. All bracket changes were supplied with alternator. If you install a higher output unit, be sure to upgrade your battery wires as well. It's recommended that you add wires over your existing battery cables. Care must be taken to make sure that no cooling lines, wires, or other engine components touch the exposed rectifier, as this could short out the alternator system.

installed alternator upgrade

installation complete

* 1995, 1996, 97, 98 ,99 were transitional years for this alternator mounting style. your alternator mount may differ from the one shown. We do have a mounting kit for the other mounting style that is not shown. On vehicles with the 3.3L engine, you will need our A500 bracket and AD244 series alternator. In situations where the dual rectifier unit is too large or interferes with valve covers or cooling lines, single rectifier units are available. We also have the AD244 series alternator if your vehicle came stock with a CS130D.

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