Self-Exciting Voltage Regulator for Delco AD244 and DR44G Series Alternators

D200SEL Self Exciting (One-Wire) AD244 Regulator
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$54.95 D235SEL

Self-Exciting Voltage Regulator, 12 Volt, B-Circuit, D-F-L-D Terminals, 14.6 VOLT set point, Fits Delco AD230, AD237, AD244 Series Alternators. CAN ALSO be used in THE DR44G AND DR37 ALTERNATORS WITH SLIGHT MODIFICATION TO THE ALTERNATOR

How to Install the D235SEL Self Exciting Voltage Regulator

Instructions for Both AD244 and DR44G Series Alternators

Stock AD244 and the DR44G series alternators need a vehicle computer connection in order to charge properly. Without this connection, the alternators will be stuck putting out around 13.2V. Our voltage regulator # D235SEL is a self-exciting voltage regulator that can operate at 14.6V without the computer connection. This is great for adapting the AD244 or DR44G series alternators into older vehicles.

Instructions for the AD244 Series Alternator

Installing our D235SEL regulator into AD244 series alternators is straightforward. All you have to do is simply replace the existing voltage regulator with the D235SEL. This requires unsoldering the stator connection and clipping the B+ lead. Then you unscrew the battery post nut slightly to fit the regulator B+ collar on. After that, crimp and solder the stator connection. It’s that simple!

[Closeup of an AD244 series stator/regulator assembly]

Instructions for the DR44G Series Alternator

Many customers have DR44G series alternators that they would like to use as self-exciting units with only a power wire attached. With a 2-pin regulator left unhooked to the computer, the alternator will default to a voltage of around 13 volts. The good news is you can put the D235SEL regulator in the DR44G with slight modification to the alternator. One of the small mounting bosses is about 3/16” too tall. This causes the D235SEL to not sit level. If you file or trim this boss down about 3/16", the regulator will set level and the plastic rear cover will snap on like normal.

[Picture showing the mounting boss marked for trimming]