Delphi AD-230 to AD-244 Alternator Upgrade

The AD series Alternator with the 2 prong Voltage Regulator can replace the
DR44G Alternator found on many late model GM vehicles.
Also, the Large Case AD244 with 4 pin voltage regulator can replace GM's Small Case 105 amp CS-130D alternator with the same mounting type.

Avalanche, Silverado, Escalade, Yukon, Suburban, Sierra, Trailblazer, Tahoe, Any Late Model Vortec V-8 and more!

When ordering high amp alternator, check the plug on your existing alternator to see
if it has a two pin or four pin connector at the plug and specify which it is in the customer comments box

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Install the AD-244 type Large Body High Output Alternator in place of your small body 100-105 amp AD-230 on 1999-2009* GM vehicles. These are 100% BRAND NEW Alternators so there is NO CORE CHARGE. With the newest High Amp Alternator technology available, Our AD-244 Alternator has proven high performance and reliability in the most demanding applications. This Alternator is a direct replacement for almost every Chevy & GM Truck or SUV application from 1999-2009*. It can also be retrofitted for earlier model applications.Common applications are the Avalanche, Silverado, Escalade, Yukon, Suburban, Sierra, Trailblazer, Tahoe, Any Late Model Vortec V-8 and more!

*GM first started using the AD series alternator on some 1999 selected models. You should check to see if you have the CS series or the AD series on your vehicle. Your alternator mount must look like the one shown below.

ad244 comparison

Our brand new AD series AD-244 type alternators are constructed using the highest quality components available. The larger AD-244 alternator produces more power at lower engine speeds compared to the smaller AD-230 or any other small alternator. Plus the larger AD-244 alternator is much more reliable at higher amperage output and extreme loads.We have made great improvements to the design of our AD-244 alternator. It is by far the best high amp alternator available on the market today. Our continuous development and striving to be the best will assure you'll receive an alternator with unsurpassed performance and durability.

ad244 comparison quarter profile

The Larger AD-244 will bolt directly in place of your existing 100-105 amp AD230 alternator without any modification. It is recommended that you upgrade the battery wire that connects to the rear of your alternator. You need a bigger wire to get the power out of the alternator and into your battery and electrical system. Our new generation of AD-244 are equipped with a heavier "copper" heat sink rectifier and oem quality regulators that just do not go bad! Along with perfectly balanced rotor and stator combinations for the best performance.

ad244 comparison front

Standard OEM AD-244 series alternators use 55 amp diodes in the bridge rectifier. In our top quality AD-244 type alternators we use rectifiers that has 70 amps diodes Our Extra Heavy Duty version uses the toughest rectifier in the industry consisting of: larger 10mm copper plated battery stud that is silver soldered to the solid copper positive rectifier heat sink, making it much more durable over the standard version.


When ordering, specify whether fit is for 2 pin or 4 pin plug,
You must pull the plug and look inside the connection to see if it's 2 or 4 pin, you cannot just count the wires going to the alternator.

These are 100% BRAND NEW Alternators so there is NO CORE CHARGE...