Alternators for Buick Century

If you have a Buick Century with alternator problems, we have the parts and upgrades for you!

Stock CS130 Series Alternators

The most common stock alternator for a Buick Century is the Delco CS130 series. They were a more compact, cheaper design than the previous Si series alternators, but they have a number of issues. Poor airflow and bad rectifier design make these units somewhat disposable. Because of this, our units use the highest quality components we can get our hands on.

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Upgrade Kits for Stock Units

Looking for more power? Our upgrade kits will give you a better unit while keeping the small form factor of the stock alternator. We have even developed a special modified housing to deal with the design flaws of the orginal.

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Large Case CS144 Upgrades

Have a stereo? Need even more power? Why not upgrade to the larger CS144 series alternator? A major improvement on the stock Buick Century unit, the CS144 series alternator uses the same voltage regulator as the older units for easy installation. With a stator measuring 144mm in diameter instead of 130mm like the stock alternator, the CS144 alternator puts out significantly more power at idle speeds.

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Showroom Finish Chrome Units and Kits

With our show-chrome kits and units, your vehicle can look as good under the hood as it does from behind the stearing wheel.

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Service Manuals and Exploded Views

Trying to install a kit yourself? Need to find components? Check out our service manuals and exploded views.

CS130 Repair Manual

CS130 Alternator Exploded View