Instructions for Converting a 6 Volt, Positive Ground Alternator to 12 Volt, Negative Ground

Question: What is the conversion from a 6 Volt alternator to 12 volt?

I have the following Delco-Remy alternator running on a 6 Volt positive ground system.

Data stamped by the mounting bolt:
1103076 63A
9F1 -- 12VNEG

I want to convert the alternator and system to 12 Volt negative ground. Do you have a kit that will do this? If so, please provide details and price.


You have the 10Si series alternator . The only parts you need are the negative ground bridge rectifier and the voltage regulator, all the other components stay the same. The conversion is incredibly simple, it doesn't require any soldering, just simple hand tools. If you need any help, call us at 616-606-5045616-785-7990, or email

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