Copper Formula Electrical Connection Compound

battery terminal treated with copper compound
untreated battery terminal

One Year with Copper Compound (left)......One Year without (right) under identical conditions

Makes Electrical Connections Better

"Copper Compound" was developed by an Auto Electric Technician who has been involved in the auto-electric business since 1968. Formulated using those many years experience in troubleshooting and fixing electrical problems. This product is unique in that it works two ways from the inside of the connection. You apply "Copper Compound" to the terminal before you assemble it. The Conductive Pure Copper flakes get into the connection, bridging microscopic gaps, allowing more current to pass through the connection. Plus, the silicone component protects against corrosion from the inside by repelling water (both salt and fresh). It comes in a handy squeeze tube, great for the tool box. Copper Compound is a very effective product for: RV, FARM, HOME, MARINE,INDUSTRIAL, AUTOMOTIVE, and more.....