Alternator Parts and High Output Upgrade Kits for CS130D Series

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The CS130D series alternator is a significant upgrade to the small form-factor CS130. Many components are better, and the overall design allows for more power with less heat buildup. It was used on many GM vehicles from 1990 until about 2000. The CS130D was replaced by the newer AD series units, starting with the AD230. On this page you can find all the alternator parts you need to repair and upgrade your stock unit.

CS130D Series Alternator Parts

Voltage Regulators and Brush Holder Assemblies

The voltage regulator is where the alternator output is controlled. The CS130D has two different regulator styles. One style, called P-L-F-S after the terminal names, uses an in-dash no-charge light to activate the alternator. The other, called P-L-I-S, just uses a switched ignition line. Field current goes from the regulator to the brush holder assembly, which is the component that transfers current into the rotor via the slip rings. CS130D series voltage regulators are directly compatible with the later AD series alternators, and compatible with the earlier CS series regulators via an adapter harness.

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CS130D Windings: Stators and Rotors

The windings are where the power is generated. Current flows through the rotor coil, and due to the rotation of the rotor, induces a greater AC current in the stator. This is how basically all automotive alternators generate power. The power itself comes from the vehicle's engine, but the rotor needs a small amount of current to create the magnetic field.

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Bridge Rectifier

The bridge rectifier is the alternator parts where stator current is converted from AC to DC. The alternating current produced by the rotor and stator cannot be used directly by your vehicle's electrical system. Batteries are not designed to store AC current. The rectifier converts this power into DC, or Direct Current, which can be used by your electrical accessories and stored in the battery.

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Covers and Other Hardware

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