Delco-Remy Type CS144 Series Alternator 200 Amp Upgrade Kit

For Professional Mechanics to the Real Do-it-Yourselfer, offers Quick Start's 200 amp Delco-Remy type CS144 series alternator upgrade kit. Increase the amperage of your 124 to 145 amp CS144 series alternator to as much as, 200 amps!

The CS144 series alternator is the #1 High Output Alternator option offered by General Motors Corporation on its cars & light trucks from 1986 - 2000

The CS144 series is a larger alternator than the most common standard alternator offered by the General Motors family of vehicles. If your vehicle didn't come equipped with the optional CS144 series - 140 amp alternator or, you want to upgrade your 124 amp unit.

Kit Contains:


This kit allows you to upgrade your existing Delco-Remy type CS144 series alternator shown at right for reference

cs144 series alternator side view charging system rear view Order Below

Standard Voltage Regulator Upgrade Kit
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# D1-CS144-UK200

Delco-Remy type CS144 series alternator 200 amp upgrade kit with Standard Voltage Regulator

Self Exciting (One-Wire) Voltage Regulator Upgrade Kit

What is a Self Exciting voltage regulator?

# D1-CS144-UK200SE

Delco-Remy type CS144 series alternator 200 amp upgrade kit with Self Exciting Voltage Regulator

Note: Please provide vehicle year, make, model, engine, etc. on the comments page of the check out section to ensure proper fit for your vehicle. If you forget, don't worry, we will call or e-mail for the application information before we ship the product.

Bearing Kit

# 544

CS144 Series Alternator Front and Rear Bearings