Delco Type CS144 Dual Rectifier Turbo Charged Alternator - Full Field for Maximum Power

Our exclusive circuit design which allows you to safely "Full Field" the alternator without causing damage to the internal voltage regulator. You may ask, what is "Full Fielding" your alternator?

In internally regulated alternators the voltage regulator controls the alternator, in that it senses the voltage of the battery and turns the alternator either on or off. If the voltage in the battery drops below a certain set point the voltage regulator will turn the alternator on. When the battery voltage reaches a top voltage set point of about 4.7 volts, the regulator shuts the alternator off.

dual rectifier installation kit

Competition Power Advantage

Offered by "Full Fielding" the alternator. The voltage regulator turns the alternator on and off by controlling a voltage sent to the electro magnetic rotor coil inside the alternator. With our trick setup you just flip on the "turbo alternator" switch on the dash and power is sent around the voltage regulator directly into the rotor coil turning the alternator on and keeping the alternator turned on even after the batteries have reached the 14.7 volt shut off set pointl. In a single battery system an alternator running "full Field" can build up the batteries voltage to 17 or 18 volts in a short period of time. This extra voltage pumped into your battery can make the difference between winning and loosing at your next db competition, or if your into Ham radios being heard or not.

Easy Normal Operation for Everyday Driving

Once you shut the "turbo alternator" switch off, the internal voltage regulator takes back control and the alternator runs as normal, perfect for everyday use.

Secret Weapon:

Double your Alternators output, our Secret Weapon transmogrifies a 200 amp full fielding alternator into a 400 amp Super Monster Mega Turbo Alternator with a flip of a switch. For those who are 200% serious about system performance, if you purchase the "Turbo Alternator" full fielding alternator from us, we will provide you with the Secret Weapon that will show you how to turn your alternator into the Super Monster Mega Turbo Alternator.

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Setting up the Turbo Alternator, High Performance Competition Alternator is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Install the Dual Rectifier alternator as normal
  2. Install and wire "Turbo Alternator" activation switch in dash
  3. Connect wire from "Turbo Alternator" activation switch to the Full Fielding stud on the alternator then you are ready for Action Jackson, you'll be thumpin & bumpin.

Modifying your vehicles electrical system may cause it to melt down. Although we feel this product and upgrade suggestions can be used without damage we hold no responsibility for damage to your electrical system as the result of the use of this product or suggestions. Complete evaluation of the risk potential resulting from the use of this product and performance upgrade suggestions must be made by the consumer.