DIY Alternator Iceberg Upgrade Kit for CS130 Series Alternators

D1-7130 and D1-7140 Alternator Upgrade Kit Contents




click here for the D17130 standard upgrade kit and the D17140 140 amp CS130 Iceberg Upgrade kits




D1-7130 Standard Iceberg Alternator kit contains:
Exclusive "Iceberg" Patented Finned Housing for Better Cooling
Heavy Duty Rectifier with 50 Amp Press Fit Diodes. (OEM rectifiers use only 35 amp diodes)
Copper Heat Transfer Grease for Better Rectifier Performance and Life.
10mm Wide Rear Bearing. (original uses only an 8mm bearing)
Brush holder Assembly
Bearing Tolerance Ring
Drive End Bearing with Retainer
Positive Battery Post Insulator
3 Stator Lead Extensions
Stator Lead Cover
Step-by-Step Instructions

D1-7140 140 Amp Upgrade kit contains:
All components as in standard kit except the following.
Minus-the 3 Stator lead extensions
Plus-High out-put 140 Amp Stator (original CS-130 alternators come with 85-105 amp stator)

The Self Exciting (one-wire) kits contain:
Same contents as standard and 140 amp upgrade kits plus the Heavy Duty Self Exciting (One-wire) Voltage Regulator. What is a self exciting (one-wire) voltage regulator?