Dodge External Regulator Kit, Chrysler Alternator Voltage Regulator Kit

Chrysler Alternator Quit working after upgrading to high output, What can I do? My engine management computer on my Chrysler vehicle is no longer making my alternator work, Is there a way to wire or connect an external voltage regulator to my Chrysler vehicle? Chrysler Voltage Kit, Jeep Regulator Kit

Chrysler Dodge Regulator Wiring  diagram

Yes you can use an early (late 70's early 80's) Dodge/Chrysler electronic external regulator kit like our part # ERCK . To make it work you just need an ignition wire run to both the unit's "I" connection and to one of field connections (brushes) on the alternator. The "field" connection on the voltage controller is run to the other brush (field) connection.

This is an "A" circuit type regulator which means full power is sent to one brush while the unit controls the output by varying the ground to the other brush. It does not matter which wire you run to the field connection and which one you ground, you can swap them around. The ERCK will make your alternator work. Click for Dodge Kit Information

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We now provide all you need to get your Chrysler family vehicle high output alternator working, or get a high voltage condition back in control, plus you can prevent ECU failure from installing a high output unit. The External Regulator Conversion Kit comes complete with a reliable Transpo Adjustable, External Voltage Regulator. With the ERCK you can save hundreds of dollars on costly ECU repairs and vehicle down time..

ECU troubleshooting: If the battery voltage is between 12.8V and 14.7V, your ECU Power Module should be fine. If you alternator is not working or your system voltage is above 15 volts you have a problem with your ECU. If your voltage is low you may have an ECU problem or your bridge rectifier in the unit is failing.

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external regulator kit

Chrysler Vehicle Family External Voltage Regulator Conversion kit.

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external regulator kit

Chrysler Vehicle Family External Voltage Regulator. Adjustable Output ONLY .

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W210 wiring harness

Chrysler Vehicle Family External Voltage Regulator Wiring Harness ONLY .

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