Dodge Dakota High Output Alternator - Denso Type Rated Up To 200 Amps

Denso type 200 amp Alternator with the Quicktifier remote rectifier wires attached and ready to install

denso alternator 220 Amp with quicktifier

To the left started out as a new 136 amp Denso type large case alternator for a Dodge Dakota. The 136 stator was first upgraded to 200 amps then the wires to attach it to either the Quicktifier 210 or 420 with two 210 amp rated bridge rectifiers. Can be added for a total load carrying capacity of between 350 to 570 amps at the bridge rectifier will make this alternator the toughest on the market. When upgrading the outputof an alternator you must always upgrade the durability of the bridge rectifier tohave a greater amperage load carrying capacity than the output of the alternator. You go from having 6 diodes at 140 amps load carrying capacity to 12 or 18 diodes with an overall load carrying capacity of 350 or 570 amps, depending which Quicktifier you choose. This will make your upgrade tough as nails! Makes your high amperage alternator hold up to higher demand.

Ask us if we have an upgrade for your Nissan or other import vehicle alternator

If you purchase a new alternator and Quicktifier we will attach the wires into the alternator at no extra charge. You only need mount the alternator & Quicktifier box then wire it like we show on the Quicktifier web page.

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