1995-2005 Dodge Plymouth Neon Alternator Upgrade

PT Cruiser, Neon, Cirrus, Stratus, Acclaim, Spirit, Avenger and other DaimlerChrysler vehicles with the 2.0 or 2.4 engine.

The installation shown below is on the Neon.

NOTE: Don't do this if you don't know what you are doing. You are responsible for your own safety

For other model vehicles listed installation may vary.

dodge plymouth neon alternator upgrade, old unit versus new cs144 series alternator

See The Difference.....

Feel The Power!

If your stock Mitsubishi alternator has died or can't keep up with your power demands, this is it.....

stock mitsubishi alternator compared to cs144

 alternator upgrade bracket

This bad boy can power a small city

Custom Bracket (right) to replace the original lower Alternator bracket (left) 

regulator plug adaptor

We can build a CS144 with the original style connector and origional internal wiring configuration for the extermal regulator system.

(1995 year only) For later models with a smaller plug we supply the mating harness for the end we show on the alternator to the left. vehicle installation step 1

Installation is simple. Just remove your alternator & lower alt. mounting

bracket through the passenger side wheel well. Remember to disconnect the battery cables first. (negative cable first) alternator installation remove lower engine mount

Remove 2 bolts from passenger side upper motor mount. motor mount lowered

cs144 alternator installation

Support with a jack then remove 2 nuts & 1 bolt from the center front lower engine mount.

Once mounts are loose you must move the motor forward a little and rotate slightly to

get the CS-144 alternator in. It's a tight fit, but it does go in.


alternator bracket installed

Add a spacer to the upper tensioning bolt for proper belt alignment. Install the new lower alternator mount using the original bolts. Plug in the alternator wiring harness, connect alternator power cable, re-connect the engine mounts. Put the shields back in place, connect battery cables.

Call if you need this type  CS144 Alternator