Dual Alternator Bracket

Dual Alternator Kit for GM, Chevy, Cadillac and Hummer Trucks, Vans and SUVs

dual alternator bracket dual alternator bracket 2

With the complexity of today's vehicle electrical systems increased demands on the OEM charging system brings forth a very good question; will the factory charging system be able to handle everything? Most OEM charging systems cannot supply the current demand of additional aftermarket accessories. What if you had a separate charging system dedicated to the additional accessory load? By running dual alternators you can do just that, and that leaves the factory charging system intact doing what it was intended to do, while the secondary alternator carries the additional accessory load. By effectively doubling the available amperage you can run more accessories with less worry and for about the same cost as a good High Output unit.

This kit utilizes either a secondary factory dual-spool mount alternator, or if needed a highly dependable, high output model. This allows the end user the ability to use two separate alternators and two separate batteries without the need to use a battery isolator for the ultimate in safety and dependability. By running an auxiliary alternator you can dedicate all of the accessory loads to the auxiliary charging system and never have to worry about overworking the factory alternator. In the unlikely event of the auxiliary charging system having a malfunction, the vehicles factory charging system remains functional thereby enabling the operator to still operate the vehicle normally and get it back to the facility for repairs.