High Output Alternator, Ford Truck, Van & SUV Dual Rectifier Upgrade

If you need more power from your alternator the answer may be the MITSUBISHI Dual Rectifier Monster alternator.

ford small case, large case, dual rectifier comparison SEE THE DIFFERENCE.......... Above are shown the Ford Motorcraft 3G 95 amp small case type alternator (left), the 3G 130 amp large case (middle) and the Monster 215 amp Dual Rectifier MITSUBISHI alternator.

At 32 pounds the Mitsubishi dual rectifier alternator is twice the weight of even the large case 130 amp 3G alternator (15lbs). It's like two alternators in one.

This Monster Dual Rectifier alternator will run at a continuous 215 amps hot without fail. It will do almost 300 amps cold at full output.

If your Ford vehicle uses the 3 bolt side type mounting like the mounting shown above you may be able to fit this MONSTER alternator to your vehicle.

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alternator comparison dual rectifier size

The MITSUBISHI dual rectifier alternator for ford vehicles (right) as compared to our 250 amp Dual Rectifier CS-144 type alternator (left). As you can see the Mitsubishi Dual Rectifier alternator is much larger than our Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier alternator.