Externally Regulated Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier Alternators

Externally Regulated Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier CS144
Alternators for Specialty and Diesel Marine Applications

We've taken our Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier version of the CS-144 type alternator which normally comes as an internally voltage regulated alternator, we remove the internal regulator then attached a terminal strip to the rear of the alternator allowing you to connect an external voltage regulator. These units are setup for a B circuit voltage regulator. If you are not sure what "B" circuit regulation is, CALL. They also have the "Stator" lead, some diesel engines need a stator lead for the tach, also some voltage regulators are stator lead activated. Use of an external regulator allows for greater control by implementation of an adjustable voltage type regulator.

This alternator is designed for applications where a heavy duty alternator is needed along with an external regulator or FULL FIELD Operation as used for on-board welders.

Can be ordered with a variety of pulleys with 17 mm center hole, including 4,5,6,7 and 8 groove serpentine type or 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch wide single V-belt type or with 1/2 inch wide double V-belt.

External Regulated CS144 Alternator

*This alternator is NOT spark arrested and is NOT Coast Guard Approved for gasoline engine use. DIESEL MARINE USE ONLY, MAY BE USED IN OTHER APPLICATIONS.

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