F605 Voltage Regulator for Ford (Motorcraft) 6G Series Alternators

F605 Voltage Regulator

F605 - Voltage Regulator Brush Holder Assembly, 12 Volt, A-Circuit, I-D-A Terminals, 14.4 Vset, For Ford 6G Series Alternators

For: Ford 6G Series Alternators

Notes: Regulator goes to Vsec (secondary regulation) and turns on light with loss of sense (A). With loss of light (I) connection, regulator continues to function but vehicle indicator light does not turn on. Design includes Field Current Limiting. F605 is similar to F600 except: F600: w/o soft start feature. F605: w/ soft start feature.


Also See: F600

Used On: Ford (2001-2010), Mercury (2006-2008)

Replaces: Ford 3C3U-10C359-AA, VP3C3U-10C359-AA

Unit Nos: Ford 1R3U-10300-AA, 1R3U-10300-AB, 1R3U-10300-AC, 1R3U-10300-AD, 1R3Z-10346-A, 1R3Z-10346-ARM, 1R3Z-10V346-ABRM, 2C3U-10300-BB, 2C3U-10300-BC, 2C3Z-10346-BA, 2C3Z-10346-BARM, 2C3Z-10346-BB, 2C3Z-10V346-BBRM, 2R3U-10300-BA, 2R3V-10300-BA, 2R3Z-10346-BA, 2R3Z-10346-BB, 2R3Z-10V346-BARM, 2R3Z-10V346-BBRM, 3C3T-10300-BA, 3C3T-10300-BB, 3C3T-10300-EA, 3C3Z-10346-BA, 3C3Z-10346-BARM, 3C3Z-10346-EA, 3C3Z-10346-EARM, 4C3T-10300-AA, 4C3T-10300-BA, 4C3T-10300-BB, 4C3Z-10346-AA, 4C3Z-10346-BA, 5C2T-10300-CA, 5C2Z-10346-CA, 5C3T-10300-BA, 5C3T-10300-DA, 5C3T-10300-DB, 5C3Z-10346-BA, 5C3Z-10346-DA, 5C3Z-10346-DA, 5C3Z-10V346-BBRM, 6C2T-10300-CA, 6C2T-10300-DA, 6C2Z-10346-CA, 6C2Z-10346-CCRM, 6C2Z-10346-DA, 6C2Z-10346-DCRM, 6C2Z-10V346-CBRM, 6C2Z-10V346-DBRM, 6C3T-10300-BA, 6C3T-10300-DA, 6C3Z-10346-BA, 6C3Z-10346-BBRM, 6C3Z-10346-DA, 6C3Z-10346-DBRM, 6C3Z-10V346-DBRM, 6L2T-10300-AB, 6L2T-10300-AD, 6L2Z-10346-A, 6L2Z-10346-AA, 6L2Z-10346-AARM, 6L2Z-10346-BRM, 6L2Z-10V346-ABRM, 7C2T-10300-AA, 7C2Z-10346-AA, 7C2Z-10346-ABRM, Ford Engineering 1R3U-AA, 1R3U-AB, 1R3U-AC, 1R3U-AD, 2C3U-BB, 2C3U-BC, 2R3V-BA, 3C3T-BA, 3C3T-BB, 3C3T-EA, 4C3T-AA, 4C3T-BA, 4C3T-BB, 5C2T-CA, 5C3T-BA, 5C3T-DA, 5C3T-DB, 6C2T-CA, 6C2T-DA, 6C3T-BA, 6C3T-DA, 6L2T-AB, 7C2T-AA, Lester 8266, 8304, 8306, 8307, 8316, 8445, 8448, 8473, 8476, 8478, 8479