Delco type 17SI Series Alternator for Farm, Industrial, Diesel Marine, Truck

Upgrade to the later improved, more reliable CS144 alternator whenever higher output at idle and greater reliability are needed. The larger CS144 has the same mounting dimensions as the 17Si alternator. The pulley and shaft size are the same between the 17Si & CS144

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Wiring harness adapters, search part # W1201 and W1204



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delco 17si series heavy duty alternator

Delco 17Si type Farm, Industrial & Truck Alternator-
Part No. 201169

Alternator -Delco 17Si type Farm, Industrial & Truck Alternator 120 amps., 12 volts, Clockwise, 1V Pulley

Used on: (1990-86)

Replaces: 1101215

Lester: 7287

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