Alternator Upgrade for Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis Vehicles

In 1999 Ford switched from using the large case 3G alternator on the 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel used on the F series trucks to the small case 110 amp 6G series alternator. Ford no longer offers the large case alternator as an option for the power stroke diesel equipped vehicle. If your alternator cannot keep up or is on it's way out read on about our 6G alternator upgrade. To get more power for your 7.3 diesel your only option is either dual alternators or upgrade your existing small case alternator.

The problem is that small case alternators do not upgrade well, they tend to be less reliable than the same amperage as the large case alternator plus with an upgraded version of the small case 6G you will not get extra power at lower engine speeds, all the extra power is when you rev the motor.

Quick Start has the answer with our large case 6G upgrade. You cannot buy this large case option from you local auto parts store because Ford did not offer the large case alternator for the Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel F series truck.

With the large case you will see substantial improvement in low speed output plus the large case alternator is much more reliable at higher outputs compared to the small case unit.

So if you need more power or your alternator is getting old and tired why not upgrade to the superior large case 6G series alternator.
We have the 6G large case alternator in several amperages and duty ratings plus, our alternators are brand new and incorporate many original equipment Ford Motorcraft alternator components when possible.

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