Generator to Alternator Conversion and Jeep Hi-Lo mounting/relocation

With the generator not properly charging the battery, plus the high cost of rebuilding one the original generator, and the words "lubricate every 1000 mi." and "inspect every 6000 mi.", my choice was clear. Install an Alternator.

Here is how:

1.) Remove the generator. In my case, the plow pump was mounted to the generator as it should. Removing the battery should allow for more access.Here is the bracket that held the generator in. The rear mounting bracket can be removed as it is not needed anymore.

2.) Fabricate new alternator bracket and install. I lucked out big time here! My parts Jeep had the bracket in it. The front bracket bolted on and the rear was welded. Good thing the rear one was just a straight piece of metal!The alternator needs to be shifted forward a about 1/4" because of the difference in size ,Here is my bracket:

Here is the bracket installed: Note that the ground strap was relocated!

3.) Install alternator and install top arm bracket. Here I re-used the original top arm, but relocated it to one of the water pump mounting bolts. You can see I added a spacer to move the arm out. I've heard of bending the arm, but I had the spacer.I did have to trim the end of the arm to clear the battery tray. I didn't trim it short enough, but it works. It should be trimmed into the slot a little.You can see that I got a double pulley thinking that I may figure out a way to mount the pump here. Oh well.

4.)Wiring is easy, This is a one wire alternator, and basically what you need to do is to remove the generator (done) and the voltage regulator. This will eliminate three wires. What you have left is a red wire from the solenoid to the regulator (gone) and then into the cab and a yellow for the "amp"light. I chopped the red at the regulator connector and crimped on a ring to go onto the solenoid. I capped off the yellow and I'll figure out how to use the light later. Add a new wire (8 gauge) from stud on alternator to battery side of solenoid and yer done! That's it! Kinda like this:

How about this:

With that done, all there is left to do is to size up a belt, install battery and start her up! So far I've noticed better starting, but that was with the plow pump off.

Oh yeah, the pump! With the pump off it'll surely snow, so now I have to relocate this. No way can I fit the pump above the alternator with the stock mounting bracket. So I will be experimenting with different mounting locations.