How to wire the internally Regulated GM Delco-Remy Alternator

Delco-Remy CS-130 Internally Regulated Alternator Wiring Diagram

GM CS130 Series Internal Regulated Alternator Wiring

Wiring instructions for the GM Delco Remy internally regulated CS130 alternator. The GM Delco-Remy cs130 alternator was used on GM vehicles from about 1986-1996. 1995 -1998 was a transitional period for the cs-130. Between those years you may have the CS-130 or the CS-130D alternator. The wiring hookup is the same for the CS-130 and CS-130D alternators. On both the CS-130 and CS-130D alternators use the PLFS (SFLP shown below) letters molded in the side of the voltage regulator, where the plug plugs in. The main activation lead is the "L" terminal on the plug, the "L" terminal must have a resisted ignition wire to the "L" terminal. Resistance can be obtained thru use af a resistor or you can use the 194 bulb no charge light as the resistor, the 194 light bulb will supply proper resistance. CAUTION: if you connect a full 12 volts to the "L" terminal without the resistor or proper light bulb, it will cause the voltage regulator to fail, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.

Fig. 11 - CS130 Bench test diagram