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Wind Power, Alternative Energy, Permanent Magent Alternators and More

At National Quick Start Sales we are committed to producing green products relating to the automotive electric field. Automotive based charging systems are used in wind, hydro, stand by power to name a few. Even the shown below can incorporate pulse width modulation (PWM) alternator to improve the output ration of gas produced to the watts of electricity used.

Vehicle Fuel Supplement System

Gas is the conversion of water to a gaseous mixture of two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. This mixture is highly explosive and can be used in your vehicles motor, with little or no modification. The Oxygen and Hydrogen Gas can be generated on demand with only water and an advanced electrolysis system. Gas can supplement your vehicles current fuel system to possibly increase your MPG (miles per gallon) plus This gas helps fuel burn cleaner, in that, when it is burned in a motor it recombines into water.

celll installed on a lincoln

Permanent Magnet Alternators

The conversion of automotive based alternators in the production of permanent magnet alternators reduces the overall cost because of the large number of auto & truck alternators that are produced. Click here for NEW top quality Permanent Magnet Alternators

permanent magnet alternator

Wind Power

Green Projects leader National Quick Start Sales was in the business of winding automotive stators in the 1970's and has worked with many in developing special wound automotive alternator stators for use in wind, hydro and other power systems. Check out his latest wind project. ( more info here )

vertical wind turbine