High Output Alternators, Upgrades, and Conversions

We have way too many to list, please call for your application.

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Need More Power?

Our High Output Alternators fit many makes and models, including: Ford, GM, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and Many Import Families as well as your Custom Application. Call us at 1-616-606-5045 today and ask for a fit or send us an email at info@qsalts.com . We provide a wide selection of High Output units, from 140-350 Amps. Even if you didn't buy a high output Alternator from us, you can make the one you buy tougher with our Quicktifier Dual/Remote Rectifier System click here for more info . We also provide many custom applications and mounting hardware to adapt our alternators to fit your vehicle. Check out our Universal Alternator Mounting Brackets .