KIA High Output Alternator, for Kia

KIA Mando Alternator with the Quicktifier 210 attached and ready to install.


Mando Alternator w/ External Rectifier kit


To the left started out as a new 70 amp Mando alternator for a 2000 Kia Sephia
The stator was first upgraded to 150 amps then the Quicktifier 210 with a
210 amp rated remote bridge rectifier was added. When upgrading the output
of an alternator you must always upgrade the durability of the bridge rectifier to
have a greater amperage load carrying capacity than the output of the alternator it's self.

By adding the Quicktifier you go from having 6 diodes at 100 amps load carrying
capacity to 12 diodes with an overall load carrying capacity of 310 amps, this will make your upgrade tough as nails! Makes your high amperage alternator hold up to higher demand.

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