Polish Your Own Alternator, Part II

alternator parts assembly reference

You should wind up with this setup:
( top left to right)
Rear Casing, brush springs, coil.

(bottom left to right)
Heat sink, regulator, battery post, and 3 coil nuts....(one washer...I lost two).


alternator components

The reason I said totally loosen but don't remove screws is it's best to just leave them in the slot and wrap masking tape around them. No lost screws and no wondering where they are.

Also put springs, washers and any loose nuts (coil if you don't rethread them onto their origin) on a piece of tape to keep them in place.

detail polishing with pencil grinder

I used a sanding taper and my dremmel from Eastwood Company to knock the cast off the hard to reach spaces like the grooves and the back. I sanded all the easy reach places with my Trizact Expander wheel, also from Eastwood.

Then polish the entire case.

masked and painted pulley stator and bracket

I masked off the coil edges and painted with semi-flat black so the exposed surfaces would be nice and black for contrast. Then also repainted the pulley and brace.

I used some scotchbrite to scuff some surface junk off of the internal windings also.

brush holder assembly pin detail

Next is reassembly. It is not hard. Slap some grease in the bearing and pay attention to the Trick of all tricks.

When you go to reassemble the front to the back you have to have a way to hold the brushes in their slot against spring pressure. Cut a piece of coat hanger, push in the springs, then brushes and run the hanger wire through the guide hole.

brush holder assembly wide

Here is another view. It may take a few times of trying to get this act together.

Put the top brush in, and use the hanger to hold it in as you mount the bottom brush in, then run the wire all the way through. It will come out the back of the alternator.

brush pin removal

Now turn the alternator over and here is your wire. After you have secured the front and back cases with the four bolts and everything is lined up. Just pull the wire out and the brushes snap up to the armature.

Note: It is very easy to get the front case mounting 180 off.....pay attention to details on disassembly.

polished alternator results

I remount the pulley and get ready to remount the mount bracket.

polished alternator rear

The back of the housing turned out way better than I expected thanks to the sanding taper.

polished alternator side

Here is a side view that shows why I painted the exposed coil area black. You could have also hit it with a buffing wheel for high gloss but I wanted some contrast.

polished alternator final

Bingo Baby.......have fun.