The first Do-It-Yourself Powder Coat System that Does Not require an external air compressor connection!



do it yourself powder coating
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This innovative new powder coat system, provides professional results for a fraction of the cost. Standing out from the crowd, this system requires
NO AIR COMPRESSOR attachment allowing for greater portability and convenience. Air is provided through an onboard internal pump which propels our showroom quality finishes onto your project. Whether it's your alternator, calipers, or rims, why stop at automotive? This unique System can be used for all your Powder Coating needs, such as hobby powder coating, fishing lures, computer cases, and miniatures. Use it on home applications, such as decorative shelving, lawn ornaments, and more. You can even customize your toolbox, wrenches, squares, hammer heads, think of the possibilities. Commercial businesses can use it for small production runs or prototype powdercoat work, let your imagination go. Marine applications, you know how well powder coating can protect in harsh marine environments, powder coat is far superior to paint. If it is bare metal, can be cleaned, or can withstand temperatures of up to 450 F for 20 minutes,

You can have a power coat with this powder coat system...