QuikCool Alternator Cooling System Simple Installation Instructions:

  1. Un-package product to make sure it was not damaged in shipping.
  2. Mount the QuikCool intake/blower module in an area that will pick up cool air. Make sure blower module will not have road spray thrown on it.
  3. Wire the QuikCool Blower Module, Red wire is ignition, Black wire is ground. You should see a small plug coming out from inside of the blower module where the 2" tube goes in. This is to plug in the thermal sensor that comes in the small parts kit. The thermal sensor wire plugs into the small plug then runs inside the blower tube and comes out the end of the tube and is mounted on the alternator. Place the sensor in the center stator area where the alternator gets hottest. Use one of the small wire ties to fasten the sensor to the alternator. Do not put the sensor directly in the path of the blowers cool air as it controls the fan and if the sensor cools off to fast it will slow down the fan before it cools the alternator. If you do not plug in the thermal sensor the fan will run at full speed when the ignition wire is turned on.

    NOTE: once the sensor is plugged in the fan will run slow until the sensor heats up. To test the sensor connect power & ground to the blower unit, with the sensor unplugged the blower should run full blast. Next plug in the sensor wire, if the sensor is cool the fan will slow down. To test the sensor use a heat source to heat the sensor, like a light bulb. If you are careful you can use a lighter but do not put the flame directly on the sensor at the end of the wire, put the flame near the sensor at the end of the wire with out touching or burning the heat shrink tubing covering the sensor.

  4. Install the tube holding bracket, supplied in the kit, at the rear of the alternator. The tube bracket may be cut off, drilled out, bent in what ever way it needs to be so that when the tube is inserted and clamped the tube will be about an 1" away from the alternators air intake at the rear of the alternator.
  5. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

If you have install questions call 616-785-7990