One-Wire Your Own Alternator

So you want a "one wire" alternator but can't afford one? Read on! We offer a conversion kit, part # SE590, to turn a Delco type internal regulator-type, three-wire, 10Si series alternator into a one-wire, self exciting alternator. Basically, the kit swaps your alternator's old internal voltage regulator for a self energizing one, eliminating the need for a wire running to the ignition switch. Our kit includes the regulator, a new brush holder, mounting hardware, diode trio, and instructions. But first make sure you indeed want a one wire alternator. It might not be the best selection for you! Read more about that here.

Step 1

To begin the conversion, you'll need to remove the alternator from the vehicle. Mark the front and rear housings with alignment marks to make reassembly easier. Use a 5/16 inch socket to remove the four bolts holding the alternator together.

Step 2

Pull the alternator apart carefully, making sure the stator stays with the rear housing. Remove the stator by undoing the three #8 nuts on the rectifier bridge, then gently pry the stator from the housing.


Next, remove the three #8 screws holding the diode trio, the brush holder, and voltage regulator. Two of the screws are plastic-insulated, the other is plain (ground). Do not mix these up or the alternator will not work! Remove the rectifier bridge.


Install the kit's new voltage regulator, then install the brush holder over it with one of the plastic and the plain #8 screw. Make sure the steel pin in the brush holder is still intact; do not remove it until the alternator is completely assembled.


Install the new rectifier bridge, then install the diode trio with the remaining #8 insulated screw. This is what the finished kit installation should look like. From here, reinstall the stator, reassemble the housings, and pull the protruding pin out of the brush holder. Install the dust cap over the two spade connectors on the new regulator. Remount the alternator, run a 10 gauge wire to the battery's positive post, and you're done!


Now that you have your new one-wire alternator installed on the vehicle, and you find that it does not work, now what? Remove the dust cap from the new regulator and touch a wire for the positive terminal to the either of the spade connectors to excite the regulator. You should only have to do this once, from now on, it should perform it's job well. Don't forget to reinstall the dust cap.