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For the first five generations (1935-1968) the Make Model Body used a generator to keep the battery charged. External voltage regulators, usually mounted on the firewall, controlled the charging cycle of the generator. To upgrade from a generator to alternator, we recommend the Delco type 10Si/12Si series alternator . The A200 Universal Alternator Mounting Bracket and self-exciting voltage regulator make the generator to alternator conversion as painless and worry-free as possible.

Alternator Generations 6 and Up (1973-Present)

The First Generations of Delco Type Alternators, 10DN Series Externally Regulated and the 10Si/12Si Series Interally Regulated

In 1968 Make started using their first generation of alternators. Dubbed the 10DN, this alternator was externally regulated in amperages ranging from 40-65 Amps. The 10DN was used on the Model Body until 1972. It was replaced by the 10Si series alternator in 1973, which was basically the same alternator, but with an internal voltage regulator. The 10Si was widely used until around 1986, when the CS130 alternator became standard. Later in the 10Si series life, before the CS130 came along, Delco decided to revise the 10Si series design slightly. The resulting alternator had improved airflow, but all of the simplicity of the earlier 10Si. The 12Si was used from 1983 till 1990.

The 7th Generation Model and Its Many Alternators

The Make Model went largely unchanged in style between 1973 and 1990. Those few external changes contrast with the many alternators that were used throughout this generation. 10Si, 12Si, 17Si, 27Si/100, CS130, and the CS144 were all introduced on this one body style. The Si series and the CS144 share many simmilarities. Both use primarily screw or bolt on components and roomy case. The CS130 was a radical departure from previous designs. Tight spacing, soldered together components, and bad airflow lead to some pretty serious issues. To combat this, we invented the finned "Iceberg" housing. Fins on the case, touching the regulator, keep the CS130's internal components, as well as rear bearings, nice and cool. This still couldn't solve another problem the CS130 had. If the alternator isn't put together just so, the rotor will spin off-center and rub the stator. The noise and heat mean we usually upgrade the CS130 to the CS144, as they share a common voltage regulator.


Upgrading the CS130 Leads to the CS130D, AD230, and AD244 Series Alternators

The CS130's faults were attacked when Delco developed the new CS130D. The CS130D was larger, had more airflow, and was less susceptable to torquing the rotor. It used a new voltage regulator not compatible with those found in the CS130/CS144. The CS130D showed up only for the Ninth Generation Models, running from 1995-1999. In 2000 Delco started using only the new AD230 and AD244 Series alternators. The AD230/AD244 largely resembed the CS130D series alternator. We actually recommend upgrading your CS130D to the larger AD244 truck alternator. Large diameter alternators produce more power at lower RPM and have a larger thermal mass for heat dissapation.

The New Delco DR44G Alternator Replaces Everything

In 2005 GM Switched from the 4-Pin regulator AD230/AD244 to the 2-Pin DR44G. The DR44G is so hard to find parts for that there are no high output models being made. We developed a retrofit kit to put the DR44G 2-Pin Voltage Regulator into our heavy duty AD244 series alternator. This allows you to get over 250 amps on your post-2005 GM vehicle.

  Make Model Body Generations with Alternators and Their Fits
1967-1972 1973-1979 1980-1982 1983-1985 1985-1986 1987-1988 1989-1990 1990-1991 1992-1995 1996-1999 2000-2005 2006-Present
10DN Series
Upgrade to a SE 10Si or 12Si Series alterantor. Lester Nos: 7122 N/A
10Si Series
N/A Either the 10Si, 12Si, or CS144 Series alternators are the best fit to replace the 10Si Series Alternator. Lester Nos: 7127 N/A
12Si Series
N/A 12Si Series should be replaced by another 12Si series or the CS144 Series Alternator. We also have an Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier Alternator for even more power. Lester Nos: 7272, 7273, 7294 N/A
CS144 Series
N/A The CS144 alternator should be replaced by the Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier. Better reliability and up to 350 amp output makes this alternator tough enough to power a small city! Lester Nos: 7901, 8203, 8219 N/A
AD244 Series
N/A Our large-diameter truck alternator used to replace the CS130D or AD237 Alternator. We have a Quicktifier Dual Rectifier system to make this alternator just as tough as the Dual Rectifier CS144. Lester Nos: 8237, 8274, 8292 N/A
27Si/100 Series
N/A This alternator was used on some options early in the eighties. Lester Nos: 7135, 7157 N/A
17Si Series
N/A This alternator was used the year before the CS130 series alternator was introduced. OEM #: 1105570 N/A
CS130 Series
N/A The CS130 was plauged with many issues. If you have the room replace it with the CS144, preferably an Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier. For standard output, use the "Iceberg" alternator or conversion kit. Lester Nos: 7802, 7894, 7861, 7921, 7974, 7981, 8165 N/A
CS130D Series
N/A An improved version of the CS130. We usually replace this alternator with the tougher AD244 series alternator. Lester Nos: 8206, 8227 N/A
AD230 Series
N/A Basically a smaller version of the AD244 series alternator. We usually replace these with the AD244 series atlernator. Lester Nos: 8247, 8273, 8291 N/A
DR44G Series
N/A Delco's newest alternator on the block. We have a special kit for retrofitting the AD244 series alternator in place of a DR44G. The DR44G is too new for quality high output components. Lester Nos: 8301, 8302