Transpo ASVR cs130 & cs130d Series Alternator voltage regulator

CS-Series Black-Package Regulators with ASVR Technology

Other ASVR-type regulator designs have more than 10 Solder Joints
The Transpo design eliminates the PCB Zero Solder Joints - All Welded.

Some manufacturers claim to have welded construction, and in fact they do. What is not disclosed is that a PCB (printed circuit board) containing various tuning components are soldered. This PCB concept may exhibit as many as 10 solder junctions.

With the simplified concept of tuning the ASVR with a minimum of reliable discrete components that are welded directly to the lead-frame circuit. The internal package is then encapsulated with premium silicone dielectric gel offering greater reliability.

Transpo's New ASVR Product Lineup for Popular CS-Series Applications

CS130 Series Regulators

CS130D Series Regulators