Tech Info: What are the "R" and "F" connections on my alternator?

What are the "R" and "F" connections on my alternator?


Dear Sirs, I am putting a basket case 71 Chevy C-10 back together. The alternator wire harness has 4 wires, I assume the heavy one is the output and goes to the biggest post, the smaller one is a ground, and goes to the ground post. It also has 2- spade connectors, one is on a blue wire, and the other is on a white wire. I can see an “R” and an “F” blades on the back of the alternator, which goes where? Thanks in advance


You are correct as far as the positive and ground wires are concerned. The R and F terminals are the 'Reference' or voltage sense terminal and the 'Field' terminal. The color on the spade connectors doesn't matter, you will have to use a multimeter to determine which connector goes to which pin. The R will be hot at all times while the F will only be hot when the ignition is keyed on.