10DN Series Alternator High Output Kits - Delco Remy Type, Externally Regulated Alternator

The 10DN series alternator was first manufactured by Delco Remy in the early 60s. It was introduced on GM's Chevy Impala roughly 1962. It was General Motor's first production run of an alternating current generator, or alternator. It was a replacement for DC generators found on older vehicles. These DC generators required a complex commutator and brush system which was prone to failure. The alternator, on the other hand, requires a simple two-pole slip ring and only two brushes. This design improvement lead the design for every other alternator design since, from Ford's 1G series alternator to early Nippondenso externally regulated units.

Unfortunately, the vehicles early alternators were designed for didn't have the electrical accessories available today. This means older style alternators are not designed to put out the kind of power you expect from a modern alternator. The 10DN used an especially thin and weakly wound stator. Stock output ratings are between 35-60A, a far cry from the 200A monster AD244 we sell today . Of course, these modern alternators don't have that stock look and feel desired by car historians and restoration enthusiasts. Until now, the only way to get more power is by overwinding thin 10DN stator cores, gaining amperage at high RPMs but losing it at low RPM idle speeds. With our exclusive and innovative upgrade can put more power in your old unit.

10dn thick and thin stator comparison

New! Thicker Stators for High Output Kits

To get higher output and durability while keeping that stock look, we have converted the thicker 12Si series stators to 10DN long stator leads. This is our own uniquie innovation to bring more power to the early Delco-Remy alternator. Now when you install the HO7010 high output conversion kit you will see more power at idle speeds. Plus, a thicker stator means more thermal mass to absorb heat, more power at idle, and more power overall, leading to longer alternator life, better performance and greater durability .

Order the New 10DN Series Alternator Kit with Thicker Stator Below!

10DN Series Alternator With Thicker Stators
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Stock 63A Output Thin stator, Standard Duty Diodes.



Upgraded 105A Output Thick stator, standard duty diodes.



140A High Output Thick stator, heavy duty 50 Amp diodes.




Bearing Replacement Kit High Quality INA and NTN bearings.



Standard Repair Kit, No Stator Diodes and insulators only.




Standard Thin Stack Stator 80Amp output with 35Amp Heavy Duty Diodes.



Extra Thick Stack Stator for better Low End105 Amp Output with 50Amp Super Heavy Duty Diodes.

Coming Soon!



Extra Heavy Duty, High Output 140 Amp Output with 50A Super Heavy Duty Diodes.




Solid State, Standard Duty 100% New with OE Appearance.



Solid State, Heavy Duty Handles up to 10A rotor draw.



Mechanical, Heavy Duty Operates Gauge Circuit Regulator



Solid State, 24V Set Point Standard duty field current, not for high output.




Plug In Conversion Regulator Indicator light drive, plugs in to alternator.



6 Volt Conversion Regulator Self-Exciting. Mounts on alternator thru-bolt.



8 Volt Conversion Regulator 9.6V Set Point, Star II Conversion Regulator.




12 Volt Conversion Regulator 12 Volt, mounts to alternator thru-bolt.



24 Volt Conversion Regulator 27.5 Volt Set Point, Indicator light drive.



Universal Conversion Regulator Adjustable voltage, fits any alternator.