Ford Motorcraft Type 6G Series High Output Alternator, Made in the USA from the finest aftermarket components from around the world.

Upgrade To The Heavy Duty "Large Case" 6G Series Alternator
in Single Dual or Triple Bridge Rectifier Versions

The bridge Rectifier is the component that converts the AC current that alternator produce to DC current, the bridge rectifier is the #1 component to fail on alternator under high demand. We are the only company to offer this innovative, unique product.

USA Made, Ford Motorcraft type 6G series 140 high amp, large case alternator with Heavy Duty Voltage Regulator and Heavy Duty Single, Dual or Triple Bridge Rectifier. This unit is built in the USA with NTN bearings which are the OE Bearings used by Ford, Heavy Duty Bridge Rectifier inside the Alternator rated at 210 amps, Stators come out of Georgia, Heavy Duty Voltage Regulators and all top Quality Components. Single Rectifier units do not have the extra Rectifier box as shown in the picture. Singe Rectifier Alternators install just like normal without the extra work of installing the remote Bridge Rectifier box.

The 250 amp Ford Motorcraft type 6G series high amp alternator requires a Quicktifier Remote Bridge Rectifier because the output is to great for a single bridge rectifier. Please make a Quicktifier selection when ordering your high amp 6G series alternator. If you order a 6G series alternator at over 200 amps without a second set of diodes, it will fail more quickly , 6G series bridge rectifiers are not heavy duty enough to handle the excessive amperage alone .

The 6G series alternator fits many Ford, Lincoln, Mercury applications, if you are not sure if your vehicle can use the 6G series alternator call 616-606-5045

Note: You must include, Year, Make, Model and Engine type in the note or comment box when ordering, If you do not let us know your vehicle info it will hold up your order.

Ford Motorcraft Type 6G Series High Amp Alternators

With Standard & Heavy Duty Single, Dual and Triple Bridge Rectifier with Heavy Duty Voltage Regulators

v-shaped foot mount
Figure 1 - "V-Shaped" Foot Mount
side-bolt mount
Figure 2 - "Side-Bolt" Mount
6-12 mount
Figure 3 - "6-12" Mount
dual or offset foot mount
Figure 4 - "Dual" or "Offset" Foot Mount

Mounting Styles Available In Small Case and Large Case 6G Series Alternators.

dual ear mount
Figure 5 - "Dual-Ear" Mount

Whenever possible it is best to upgrade from the Small Case 6G series Alternator to the Large Case unit. The Large Case Alternator gives you more power at idle, absorbs and dissipates heat better and will last longer at higher amperages. The Large Case Units bolt directly in place of the small case and the plug is the same. Unfortunately, not every mounting style developed by Ford Motor Company comes in both Small Case and Large Case Style. The most common Large Case upgrade is in Ford's F and E series pick-up trucks and vans, as well as, Excursions, Explorer and Expeditions and Mercury Mountaineer (Figure 2, left center). Many Ford trucks came standard with the Small Case alternator and can be upgraded to the Large Case unit or better performance. Other mounting styles only available in the Small Case unit are the vertical "6-12" mount and was featured on Some Ford and Mercury trucks & SUV's, Mustangs etc (Figure 3, right center). The second is an offset or "2-foot" mount, which is common to various Ford and Lincoln vehicles (Figure 4, upper right). The final mount is common to various Ford and Mercury vehicles, it is a "Dual-Ear" mount that has mounting tabs on both the Drive-End (front) and Slip-Ring-End (rear) of the alternator (Figure 5, right). All of the small case alternators are available in the same amperages as the large case and can be ordered below. Just be sure to include your vehicle's year, make, model, and engine size during the order process. If a large case unit is available for your vehicle we will send the large case unit. The Quicktifier remote bridge rectifier is recommended on 200 amp units. Unfortunately, we cannot at this time offer the 250 amp variant in the small case form factor. If your not sure if your Ford Motor Company vehicle has a large case unit upgrade just call and we can tell you.

Special Note to Ford Powerstroke Diesel Owners

1998 and Older Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel uses the 3G Series Large Case Alternator. Click Here for the 3G Series Heavy Duty High Output Alternators.

After 1999 Ford no longer offered the large case alternator upgrade option for Power Stroke diesel equipped vehicles. The Standard Alternator was the small case 110 amp 6G series alternator on the Power Stroke Diesel. Since 1999 the small case was the only choice and has been plagued with reliability issues. WE HAVE THE SOLUTION WITH THE LARGE CASE 6G UPGRADE UNIT THAT FITS IN THE SAME MOUNT, USES THE SAME BELT AND PLUGS DIRECTLY IN TO YOUR EXISTING PLUG.
Click Here for Large Case 6G Series Heavy Duty High Output Alternators

The Solution

Upgrade to our heavy duty 6G series high output alternator available in 140, 160, 200 and 250 amp models . All 3G and 6G units are available with or without the Quicktifier Remote Bridge Rectifier System (click here for more information) based on technology from the Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier CS144 with over eight years of of experience in the field. We can now provide a dual and triple bridge rectifier option for the toughest 6G series alternator with a heavy duty bridge rectifier combined with either the 210 amp or 420 amp external bridge rectifier for extra durability.

Features of The Heavy Duty 6G Series High Output Alternator

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Units come in 140, 160, 200 and 250 amp options with heavy duty bridge rectifier and voltage regulator. All amperages can be ordered with or without the Quicktifier.

To purchase just click on the link below. Be sure to check your purchase quantity before continuing going through the checkout process. You can choose USPS priority or FedEx Ground for shipping. We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express and Paypal.

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Large Case 6G Series Alternator vs Small Case

ford type 6g series large case alternator

In 1999 Ford Motor Company switched from using the large case 3G alternator on the 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel to the small case 110 amp 6G series alternator. After 99 Ford no longer offered the large case alternator upgrade option for power stroke diesel equipped vehicles. Previously, to get more charging power for your 7.3, 6.0 or 6.4 diesel your options are either, dual alternators or upgrade your existing small case alternator. The problem with upgrading your existing small case alternator is that they tend to be less reliable when upgraded. Plus with an upgraded version of the small case 6G alternator you will not get extra power at lower engine speeds, all the extra power is when you rev the motor.

Why Not Upgrade?

So if you need more charging power or your alternator is getting old and tired why not upgrade to the superior large case 6G series alternator. We have the 6G large case alternator in several amperages and duty ratings and mounting styles. Plus, our alternators are brand new using nothing but Top Quality Components. Click here to see a partial list of common vehicle applications .

110 amp small case Motorcraft 6G series alternator shown on left. next to a 200 amp Heavy Duty Large Case 6G type alternator shown on right. The alternator shown is for Ford Diesel Motors. We have this small case to large case in several mounting styles for different models. No adapter wiring harness needed, the large case plugs directly into your existing wiring harness

Heavy Duty Single Dual and Triple Bridge Rectifiers & Heavy Duty Voltage Regulators
Ford Motorcraft Type 6G Series High Amp Alternators

Ford Motorcraft type 6G series alternator with quicktifier attached

To the left is the Ford Motorcraft type 6G series heavy duty, high amp alternator with a Quicktifier Dual Bridge Rectifier upgrade, this addition provides tremendous durability for high demand situations. When added to the heavy duty model 6G series high amp alternator with the upgraded voltage regulator, it creates an unstoppable charging force.
If you do not choose the Dual or Triple Bridge Rectifier option your alternator will look just like a standard alternator, you will not get the Quicktifier box and the extra wiring.

Common Vehicle Applications

The Ford Motorcraft type 6G series heavy duty, high amp alternator is used on many Ford vehicles, below is an incomplete list, please call 1-616-606-5045 to see if your vehicle requires a 6G series heavy duty high amp alternator .