Extreme Duty CS144 type Alternator, High output, Heavy Duty Alternator

Below are Dual Rectifier, Single Rectifier, High Output, Standard Output, One Wire, Remote Bridge Rectifier, Repair Parts, Upgrade Parts and more for the Delco-Remy and Delphi Automotive Systems type CS144 type Alternator

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Difference between the dual and single rectifier alternators. Single rectifier is less reliable and cannot produce as much, but it is also cheaper and can fit in more applications. Dual rectifier has higher output and reliability, but is more expensive and takes up more room, limiting applications. The single rectifier may be given more reliability with the addition of a quicktifier remote rectifier system. There are also three common mounting styles the GM commonly uses a 2 foot 2 inch mount, some use the 6-12 mount, and '96-'01 3.8 liter V6 using the CS-130D type alternator use a third stretched foot mount shown below.

fig 1.

Stretch Mount

fig 2.

two foot two inch mount

fig 3.

cs144 series alternator

fig 4.

front of alternator

fig 5.

cs144 cs130 direct fit comparison

This mount is commonly used on '96-'01 3.8 liter V6 equipped with the Delco Remy CS130D type alternator.

The two foot 2" mount. It is mainly used on '96 and newer GM vehicles, commonly Chevy trucks and SUVs. A modified version will fit 90-95 GM trucks

The 6/12 mount commonly used on Camaros, Firebirds, Caprices, Corvettes, Marine and Industrial

Here we show the CS-130 alternator (left) next to a version of the CS-144 (right) that will fit directly in place of your existing alternator on many 1990-1995 GM vehicles. We have different versions and mounting configurations for other year, model and engine GM vehicles.

Upgrade to the Larger CS144 Series Alternator

The CS-144 produces more power at idle and is much more reliable. For custom applications we can install many different pulley types, like single & dual V-Belt, 8-Groove serpentine, etc.

CS144 Series Dual Rectifier Alternators

Dual Rectifier unit
fig 6.

The rectifier is the most common cause of alternator failure. It's the only choice for super heavy duty operation. If you are using your alternator to it's extreme, you must have this alternator! Alternators produce AC current, just like the current from your house wall outlet. Then it uses a bridge rectifier, typically with 6 diodes, to convert the AC current to DC for the battery and vehicles electrical system. With Dual Rectifiers, you get 12 Diodes, which spreads the current load over a much larger area making the alternator twice as durable and twice as efficient at converting the AC current it makes to DC. The many benefits include: less heat build up, less current loss, higher amperage output when hot, more power at idle. Plus, the service duty and life increases substantially. When the rectifier heats up the diodes won't pass as much amperage through them, therefore, the amperage output drops. With our double rectifier alternator you have twice the amperage carrying capacity and double the cooling surface area to keep the diodes cool. This all adds up to... more power, less heat problems and greater reliability.

CS144 series Extreme Duty dual rectifier alternators. The best alternator for your high draw situation. Eight years of proven service and reliability in the field.



CS144 Series Single Bridge Rectifier Alternators

cs144 single rectifier alternator
fig 7.

Delco Remy Type CS144 Series Single Bridge Rectifier High Output Alternator and Standard Output Alternators with either Standard type plug-in or Self Exciting (one wire) version

Single Bridge Rectifier CS144 Alternators can be used to either replace a broken stock units or upgrade from smaller alternators that give less output at idle and are less reliable. The CS-144 can replace the CS130, 10Si, 12Si, 15,Si, 17Si. Some slight modifications may be required and you may need a wiring harness adapter, call to check on your vehicle

Delco Remy type CS144 series late style heavy duty single rectifier alternator . Includes one bridge rectifier and a standard 14.7V set point voltage regulator. Available in 140, 170 and 200 amp variations.



Dual Rectifier Conversion Kits

Convert your existing Delco Remy CS144 late style alternator to a Dual Rectifier alternator. Delco Remy Type CS144 High Output Alternator Dual Rectifier Kits w/ Quicktifier Dual Remote Rectifier System

Our dual rectifier kits use the Quicktifier to increase the life and durability of your alternator. We also provide fully assembled dual rectifier rear cases to convert your existing alternator to a dual rectifier with ease.

CS144 Series dual rectifier conversion kits. Conversion housings come pre-assembled for easy conversion where space allows. We also offer Quicktifier kits to add a new rectifier without the extra space.

Quicktifier Dual Remote Rectifier System

The Quicktifier Dual and Triple Rectifier Alternator Upgrade Kit allows you to take any existing alternator and make it an extreme duty dual or triple rectifier alternator. If you simply don't have room for our Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier CS144 alternator, add the Quicktifier 210 Dual or 420 Triple Rectifier Conversion kit. Run the three AC lines from the CS144 stator leads to the three studs on the Quicktifier's bridge rectifier. Then connect the Quicktifier and your alternator together in parallel. You now have Quicktifier Dual or Triple Rectifier durability on your existing alternator.

Quicktifier Dual and Triple Remote Rectifier System

QF210 & QF420

Your Price: Starting at $109.95

Quicktifier 210 Dual and 420 Triple Rectifier Alternator Conversion Kit. Combines internal and external bridge rectifiers to add durability to your high output alternator.

Dual Rectifier Rear Cases

Do you need an Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier on your vehicle already equipped with a Delco Remy type CS144 series late style alternator? Using our Top Quality Components we have a complete rear housing with Extreme Duty Dual Bridge Rectifiers. Available with optional 200 and 250 amp high output stators.

dual rectifier rear housing


Your Price: Starting at $119.95

CS144 Series Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier Alternator Conversion Kits. Converts any CS144 series late style alternator to a dual rectifier. Available with optional high amperage stator.


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Parts, Kits, and Accessories

Voltage Regulator, Stators, Brush Holders, Bearings and More

CS144 series alternator parts. Repair your existing alternator and save money. The most common parts for failure are the bridge rectifier; followed closely by bearings; and finally by voltage regulators due to non-resisted ignition wires.

Wiring Adapter Harnesses, Universal Mounting Brackets, Wiring Repair Harnesses

Alternator wiring and mounting accessories. Everything you need to wire and mount your CS144 series alternator in a number of different vehicles. Including imports as well as tractors and other farm, truck and industrial equipment.

CS144 Series Alternator Parts!

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