'96 Chevy Suburban CS130D to CS144 Alternator Upgrade

Chevy Suburban, about to get upgraded

Here is an installation of our 250 Amp Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier CS-144 Alternator on a '96 Chevy Suburban owned by Jim Stovekeni of Custom Auto Radio based in East Hartford, CT. He was kind enough to send us pictures and a description of what was required to fit this bad boy onto his 350 motor. The picture here is before the surgery, with the stock, puny 105 amp CS-130D Alternator.

Suburban engine photo

To install the alternator this is what Jim says:

"Hi guys, Here is a description of the install. All I had to do was remove the heater hard line from the water pump and replace it with a 5/8" heater line. For the 3/4" line, I removed the quick disconnect at the intake manifold behind the alternator. I replaced it with a street 45 elbow and a long 3/4" heater line water pump fitting and routed it over from valve cover to the heater valve under the air box. Also, there may be a plate behind the original alternator held on by two boats. You must loosen the alternator bracket to head, and block the bolts to remove the bolt on the side closest to the thermostat housing. Then to upgrade the battery wire, I used 2/0". Enjoy the new powerhouse." -- Jim

Alternator clearance rear closeup

Here is the finished installation. Can you see this baby under your hood? Order the Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier CS144 Today!

Finished installation