Alternator Repair Instructions, Videos, and Exploded Views

Alternator Kit Instructions

Instructions for our alternator repair and conversion kits

  1. 10Si 6 - 8 Volt Positive & Negative Ground Conversion Kit Instructions

Alternator Repair Manuals

Detailed repair manuals based on official documentation and years of automotive electrical experience. Full troubleshooting guides for dissassembly, testing, repair, and reassembly.

  1. 10Si and 15Si Type 116 and 136 Series Alternator Repair Manual
  2. CS130 Series Alternator Repair Manual

Alternator Exploded Views

Exploded views are a great way to identify alternator components. They are also an invaluable aid in disassembling and reassembling alternators for repair.

  1. Alternator Exploded Views

Alternator Repair Videos

Our videos give you a hands-on look at installing our products and repairing your own automotive electric units.

  1. How to Install the Quicktifier External Dual & Triple Rectifier System
  2. For GM type CS130D and AD230/237/244 Alternator Testing and Repair Video click here. How to test your Alternator
  3. For Delco-Remy's CS144 type Alternator Repair Video click here. How to Rebuild an Alternator

Alternator Wiring Diagrams

  1. How to Wire a GM Delco type CS130 Series Alternator