Delco Remy CS130 & CS121 Series Alternator Repair Manual, Page 4

  • Years Used: 1986-1996
  • Amperages: CS-130/85-105 amps CS-121/61-74 amps
  • Used as the most common standard unit on GM Cars & Light Trucks. Also used in Industrial, Marine, Agricultural and other applications.

Alternator Repair

To repair the alternator, observe the following procedure.


Note or mark the front to rear housing relationship, this is the "clock" Position. You must know it for re-assembly. Then remove the 3 thru-bolts and separate the drive end frame assembly from the slip ring end frame assembly. The stator should remain in the rear (D.E.) housing. To remove the drive end frame from the rotor, place the rotor in a vise, using wood blocks or brass jaws so not to damage the rotor then tighten only enough to permit removal of the shaft nut, or hold rotor with hex wrench in end of shaft when removing nut. To disassemble slip ring end

Fig. 2 - Delco Remy CS130 Alternator Cross Section