DR44G Self Exciting (one wire) AD244 Regulator Conversion

DR44G Self Exciting AD244 Regulator Conversion


Hello, I have a DR44 that I would like to use as a self-exciting alternator with only a power wire attached. I know that with no 2-pin connector hooked up, the regulator will default to a voltage around 13 volts. Do you have a regulator that will work in this alternator to have a higher voltage? I've seen your D235SEL self-exciting 4 pin regulator for AD244 and others. Is this regulator compatible with the DR44 (besides not fitting on the rear plastic cover)? Thanks


Yes you can put the D235SEL regulator in the DR44 with slight modification to the alternator. There is a small boss sticking out to much and makes the D235SEL not sit level. If you file or trim this boss off about 3/16" the regulator will set level and the cover will go on like normal.

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