High Output Alternators for Ford Diesel Engine Cars and Trucks from 1982 to Present

Ford International Harvester IDI 6.9L and 7.3L Diesel Engine Alternators
Used on Ford F-Series Vehicles from 1982-1994

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"The International Harvester IDI (from I n d irect I njection) engine is a 4-stroke V-8 Diesel engine used in International trucks and Ford F-Series pickups from 1982 to 1994. The engine had two displacements: 420 cubic inches (6.9 litres), which was used in Ford trucks from 1983 to 1987, and 444 cubic inches (7.3 litres), which was used in Ford trucks from 1988 to 1992 ( naturally aspirated ). The turbo charged version was to be a single year stopgap as production of the new Power Stroke engine was to debut with the 1994 model year. ( turbocharged ). Production of the 7.3 Turbo IDI engine was extended to mid-year 1994 as the new engine was not ready in time for a full 1994 model year run. The turbo 7.3 was very similar to the previous 6.9l and 7.3l IDI diesel engines. They differed in that the 7.3 IDI Turbo had different wrist pins, piston rings, as well as different flow capacity fuel injectors. Additionally, the fuel injection pump output was slightly increased to compensate for the additional air charge. This engine was replaced in mid 1994 by the Navistar T444E (7.3L) engine. The 6.9 IDI, 7.3 IDI, and 7.3 IDIT engines are not in the Power Stroke family."

Ford Power Stroke 7.3L, 6.0L, and 6.4L Diesel Engine Alternators
Used on Ford F-Series, E-Series, and Excursion Vehicles After 1999

Ford added diesel engines to their F-Series line of trucks starting in 1982. The first engines used were manufactured by the agricultural giant International Harvester Company. The Indirect Injected diesel engine became known as the International IDI and was available in a 6.9L displacement. In 1986, after International sold off the International Harvester brand name to Tenneco, it reformed into the Navistar International Corporation. This change brought a new, overhauled IDI engine available at 7.3L displacement. Beginning in 1993, Navistar produced a single year Turbocharged version of the 7.3L IDI diesel engine. This was to fill the gap between the IDI and the new Power Stroke engine in development by Ford and Navistar.

After 1994, Ford's new direct injected Power Stroke engine was put into production. Still manufactured by Navistar and despite sharing the same displacement as its IDI predecessor, the Power Stroke was a completely new engine. The new Power Stroke design proved to be very reliable, despite being constantly tweaked from model year to model year. By 2003, they had developed a new 6.0L engine. Early models of the 6.0L were plagued with a number of PCM and emissions bugs. By 2004, they had most the reliability issues solved. Shortly after, in 2007, due mostly to new emissions regulations, Ford again replaced the 6.0L diesel with a 6.4L diesel engine. This will be the last run of engines produced by Navistar International Corporation. Starting with model year 2011, Ford will use a new in-house developed and manufactured 6.7L diesel.


6G Series Large Case Alternator Upgrade

For 1999-2007 Ford Diesel F-Series Trucks and 1998-2007 E-Series Vans (w/ Dual Alt Setup)

Ford Power Stroke Diesel vehicles produced after 1999 came equipped with a small case 6G. We recommend upgrading this alternator to our large case 8253M Heavy Duty Power Stroke alternator. This 6G series, large case alternator has improved idle output and reliability compared to its small case counterpart. With direct bolt-for-bolt mounting and no custom wiring required, the 8253M Heavy Duty Power Stroke alternator is the simplest way to upgrade your F-Series Diesel power system. For the model year 2005, there was an alternator clocking change, so if you want our Power Stroke 8253M HD alternator, be sure to give us the manufacture date of your vehicle. Check out the Power Stroke 6G series alternator page below.

Ford Power Stroke Diesel, 8253M HD 6G Series Alternators


Units Available In:


Heavy Duty 140 Amp
Heavy Duty 160 Amp
Heavy Duty 200 Amp
Extreme Duty 250 Amp

3G Series Large Case Alternator Upgrade

For 1992-1997 Ford Diesel F-Series Trucks and 1992-2003 E-Series Vans (w/ Single Alt Setup)

Between 1992 and 1997, ford used its large case 3G series alternators on diesel trucks and vans. These 3G series alternators proved very reliable, but 130 amps doesn't leave much room for powered accessories, especially on high-draw diesel engines. In order to equip your Ford diesel with useful accessories like engine block heaters, winches, and accessory lighting, we recommend upgrading to our 200 Amp Heavy Duty 3G Series alternator. We use top-of-the-line components to give you better-than-OEM quality high output alternators. We even have our Quicktifier Dual & Triple Rectifier kits to boost an alternator up to Extreme Duty 250 Amps. Check out the 3G series alternator page below.


1G & 2G Series to 3G Series Alternator Upgrade

For 1982-1992 Ford Diesel F-Series Trucks and E-Series Vans

The 1G and 2G series alternators used on the Ford IDI Diesel engine had a whole host of problems. The external regulator on the 1G series was problematic. The 2G series alternator had a weak bridge rectifier and a plastic power plug that would catch on fire hazard if the alternator is upgraded above factory output. We recommend replacing these alternators with our Heavy Duty 3G series alternator. With a Heavy Duty Voltage Regulator and special harness #925606 , wiring is simple. Check out our brand NEW 3G series alternators ,NO CORE CHARGE below.

Ford type 3G Heavy Duty Alternators

Units Available In:
Heavy Duty 130 Amp
Heavy Duty 160 Amp
Heavy Duty 200 Amp
Extreme Duty 250 Amp