Ford 4G 200 amp High Output Alternator, High output alternator for Ford Mercury

quicktifier with 4g series alternator

To the left started out as a new 200 amp Ford Motorcraft type 4G series alternator for a Ford Crown Victoria/Mercury Grand Marquis. The stator was first upgraded to 200 amps then the Quicktifier 420 with two 210 amp rated remote bridge rectifiers were added for a total load carrying capacity of 540 amps at the bridge rectifier. With 200 amp alternator output and 540 amps durability at the bridge rectifier will make this alternator the toughest on the market.. When upgrading the output of an alternator you must always upgrade the durability of the bridge rectifier. The rectifier must have a greater amperage load carrying capacity than the total output of the alternator it's self.
By adding either the Quicktifier 210 or Quicktifier 420 you go from having 6 diodes at 130 amps load carrying capacity to 12 or 18 diodes with an overall load carrying capacity of 340 or 550 amps, this will make your upgrade tough as nails!

The 4G series comes in sever mounting styles (not shown) and several amperages and can come with out without the Quicktifier system.
Click the link below to see more information on the 4G series alternator
130 amp alternator
140 amp alternator
160 amp alternator
200 amp alternator


Makes your high amperage or standard alternator hold up to higher demand.

Call us and ask if we have an upgrade for your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicles alternator.

If you purchase a new alternator and Quicktifier we will attach the wires into the alternator at no extra charge. You only need mount the alternator & Quicktifier box then wire it like we show on the Quicktifier web page.

Also, High output alternators get hot! kill the heat before it kills your alternator.

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