Ford F-Series (F1, F-100, F-150) Truck High Output Alternators and Generator Conversion

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Generator Generations 1-5 (1948-1972)

For the first five generations (1948-1972) the Ford F-Series Truck used a generator to keep the battery charged. External voltage regulators, usually mounted on the firewall, controlled the charging cycle of the generator. To upgrade from a generator to alternator, we recommend either a Delco type 10Si/12Si series alternator or a Ford type 3G series alternator . The A200 Universal Alternator Mounting Bracket and self-exciting voltage regulator make the generator to alternator conversion as painless and worry-free as possible.

1950 Ford F3



  Ford F-Series Truck Generations with Generators
Generation 1
Generation 2
Generation 3
Generation 4
Generation 5
10Si/12Si Series
10Si/12Si Self-Exciting Alternator and Universal Bracket
3G Series
3G Series Self-Exciting Alternator and Universal Bracket



Alternator Generations 6 and Up (1973-Present)

92-96 ford f150

The First Generation Ford Alternator, 1G Series Externally Regulated

In 1973 Ford started using their first generation of alternators. Dubbed the 1G, this alternator was externally regulated in amperages ranging from 40-65 Amps. The 1G was used on the F-Series truck until about 1992. It was later replaced by the 2G series alternator from 1986 to 1992, the 2G is not upgradeable to a higher output because of it's weak bridge rectifier and the power plug can catch on fire from the higher amperage load. The best high output upgrade for the early 1G series alternator and the 2G series alternator is the Ford type 3G series alternator


Ford's Fatal Flaw with the Second Generation 2G Series Alternator

The 2G series alternator, introduced to the F-150 Series of pickups in 1986, has largely been considered the bad apple of the bunch. Ford replaced the 1G's external regulator in favor of the compact internal regulator design. The flaw was in the power output plug and a weak bridge rectifier. The plastic power plugs, used blade type terminals which would loose connection and occasionally melt, short, and possibly cause under-hood fires. For this reason we recommend replacing the 2G series alternator with the later Ford type 3G series alternator series with output battery studs instead of blade terminal plug.


Replacing Early Series (1G & 2G) Ford Alternators with 3G self exciting or standard pig tail plug-in hook up.


The 3G series alternator , can come with a self-exciting voltage regulator which only requires the main battery wire to the back of the alternator. The standard 3G pig tail combo connection only requires one ignition wire to activate the alternator and it can work with a no charge light (idiot light) which is the perfect unit to replace the earlier 1G and 2G series. The 3G has a heavy duty battery post, so the 2G series power plug issue is completely solved. It also has a improved voltage regulator setup.



The Third Generation of Ford Alternators, 3G Series

After the successes of the externally regulated 1G series and the failures of the 2G series alternator, Ford Developed the 3G series alternator . Introduced in 1992 to the F-150 line of Ford trucks, the 3G had a heavy duty bridge rectifier with a sturdy battery post. The 3G voltage regulator uses the same "D" shaped plug as the 2G, but it was further improved for the 3G series design. It has a stator signal connecting to the regulator, helpful in identifying the alternator. All of these improvements have lead to Ford still using this alternator even up until the new '09 model Ford Vans which have some switched to a new Nippondenso alternator.

ford f150 xl crew cab



Ford F-150 Splits Forks in Generation 10, 4G and 6G Series Alternators, The New Super-Duty Line



In 1997, Ford started using their new 4G series alternator and 6G series alternators . The 4G series seemed to improved upon the 2G series and the 6G is engineered like the 3G . The 6G series came in a number of diameters. mountings, and regulator configurations. In 1994, Ford added a brand new engine, the 7.3L Diesel Power Stroke. Along with the F-250 and F-350 "Super-Duty" models appearing as early as 1987, this started to become it's own vehicle. In 1999 Ford actually stopped production of the F-Series F-250s and F-350s, naming them a whole new line of Super-Duty vehicles. All of the Super-Duty vehicles after 1999 with the Power Stroke Diesel now use our large case 8253M HD 6G Series Power Stroke alternator . The rest use either a standard 3G , 4G, or 6G alternator. Beginning with the 2009 models, Ford has gone with a new Nippondenso type alternator for everything but their diesel engine vehicles which can be ordered with dual small case alternators.

  Ford F-Series Truck Generations with Alternators and Their Fits
Generation 6
Generation 7
Generation 8
Generation 9
Generation 10
Generation 11
1G Series
The 1G series has an external regulator, making repair and troubleshooting a hassle. For the best upgrade experience, replace with the 3G series self exciting alternator. Lester Nos: 7058, 7078, 7705.The 1G series has an external regulator, making repair and troubleshooting a hassle. For the best upgrade experience, replace with the 3G series self exciting alternator. N/A
2G Series
N/A The 2G series alternator has an internal regulator, solving troubleshooting and repair problems from the 1G. The power plug is fragile and a fire-hazard. Replace the 2G with a 3G series alternator. Remove the old power plug and use proper AWG battery cables. Lester Nos: 7744, 7745, 20-208-30. N/A
3G Series
N/A The 3G series came in two case sizes, small (135mm) and large (148mm). Both are interchangeable and we only sell large case units, for their improved idle output and thermal mass. Sm Case Lester Nos: 7749, 7750, 7790, Lg Case Lester Nos: 7756, 7764, 7768, 7776, 8429.
4G Series
N/A 4G series alternators were most commonly used in Dual Alternator setups as the second alternator. Almost all of the 4G series alternators have a special mount not found on either the 3G or 6G. Lester Nos: 8251, 8308, 8477.
6G Series
N/A Most 6G Series alternators on F-Series trucks are the small case variety. Small case alternators tend to produce lower output at idle and are prone to heat damage. We recommend replacing them with the large case 6G Series alternator. On some trucks, interference on the rear case and mounting brackets may occur, but a few washers will fix this. Lester Nos: 7796, 7798, 7799, 8306, 8307, 8310, 8316, 8317, 8318, 8447, 8478, 8479.