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General Motors High Output Alternators & Stock Output Alternators

Below are some featured items, This is only a few of the large number of High output alternators we have, CALL for details


    Delco Remy CS-144 Series Alternator used on some 1987-2000 GM Vehicles


    1996-1998 GM vehicle with the 3.8 liter V6 Upgrade from the 105 amp CS-130D type alternator to the large body CS-144 type alternator. From 140 to 250 amps.


    1986-2009 Chevy & GMC Blazer-Tahoe-Silverado-Suburban-Jimmy-Yukon-Safari-Sierra all C, K, R, S, T, V
    Series trucks-Astro & G Series van, CHEVY S-10 BLAZER, CHEVY S-10 PICKUP, GMC S-10 BLAZER, GMC, S-10 PICKUP. 100% NEW! 140, 170 & 200 amp Delco Remy CS-144 type Alternators. Car audio alternators, Hi current alternators, High Current Alternator. This alternator upgrade covers most GM vehicles. The most common High output alternator alternator upgrade from either the 10-Si, 12-SI,CS-130,CS-130D and CS-144 alternators


    Corvette, Camaro, Firebird and All GM Vehicle owners:
    Upgrade to the large case CS-144 type alternator.


    "Iceberg" Alternator:
    for 1986-1993 GM vehicles, CHECK OUT! the "Iceberg" Alternator.


    "Iceberg" Alternator Upgrade kits Standard and 140 Amp upgrade/repair kits for the Delco Remy CS-130 type alternator.


    Delco Remy 34-SI Type Alternator
    New 135 Amp Delco Remy 34-SI Type Alternator used on Caterpillar and other large Diesel motors, and heavy equipment.


    Extreme Duty Delco Remy 21-Si & 22Si Type Alternator
    The dual rectifier alternator has proven itself to be more reliable than your standard high output alternator. We now offer a replacement for the Delco Remy Remy 21Si & 22 Si that is standard on many large truck as the factory alternator. Available from 150 to 250 amps using our Patent Pending Dual Rectifier housing, This is what you need if you are burning up alternators on your big rig or heavy duty equipment. If you have extra lights and other electrical accessories on your rig, YOU NEED THIS ALTERNATOR!


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