K5 Series Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy SUV High Output Alternators

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From Wikipedia:

The K5 Blazer was the smallest full size SUV version of the General Motors C/K Trucks family. Introduced to the Chevrolet line in 1969, the full-size Blazer was replaced in 1995 by the Chevrolet Tahoe . In 1970, GMC introduced its own model of the truck, called the Jimmy , which lasted until the 1992 GMC Yukon . Both were based on the short wheelbase trucks and were available with either rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive . The Blazer's long wheelbase relative (with an integrated rear body, and doors for 2nd row passengers) is known as the Chevrolet Suburban .

The K5 Blazer and Jimmy had "full convertible" removable tops until 1976. In 1976, GM introduced a half-cab design that was less prone to leaks and slightly safer in a roll-over. These half cabs are convertible starting at a few inches behind the driver/passenger doors all the way back to the tailgate. In 1992, the Blazer was redesigned completely and no longer had a removable top.

Smaller models, the S-10 Blazer and S-15 Jimmy , were introduced alongside these trucks in 1983. The original Blazer and Jimmy remained in production until 1991; 1992 saw the introduction of a new K1500 Blazer (and the rebadged GMC Yukon ) on the GMT400 platform. After 1994, the Blazer was renamed the Chevrolet Tahoe and it was offered in a two Door model up until 1999. After that it was offered only with four passenger doors.

early model k5 blazer

10DN Series Externally Regulated Alternators (1969-1972)

Before the intro of the 10Si alternator in 1973, GM ran the K5 Series Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy with a 10DN series externally regulated alternator. The 10DN can easily be replaced with the 10Si or 12Si series self-exciting alternators. Externally regulated units are often difficult to repair and diagnose, but SE units are self contained and a since to wire. See our page titled " What is a Self Exciting (One-Wire) Alternator? " as well as our 10Si and 12Si Alternator Page for more details.

10Si Series and 12Si Series Alternators (1983-1986)

newer gmc jimmy

K5 Series Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy 10Si/12Si Series Alternators

From 1973 till 1988 for gas motors and 1990 for the 6.2L Detroit Diesel, GM used Delco 10Si and 12Si series alternators . Components simply screw in and can be replaced easily, making this alternator easily rebuildable. They can also be replaced by our CS144 series alternator . In 1987, the gas 5.0L and 5.7L variants of the K5 Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy began to switch to the newer CS130 series alternator , but the 6.2L Detroit Diesel option retained the 12Si series alternator till 1990. This is compatible with, and should be replaced by our CS144 Series Alternator

CS130 and CS144 Series Alternators for K5 Series Chevy Blazer and GMC Jimmy (1987-1994)

The transition in 1987 to the CS130 series alternator was not smooth. The units are small, with an underpowered fan. Bearing placement was also an issue, as the voltage regulator heatsink dumped heat directly into the rear bearing. To solve these problems we invented the "Iceberg" Finned CS130 Housing . It acted as a heatsink to draw rectifier heat away from the bearings and out of the alternator. In 1992, GM started using the CS144 for the high amp option on K5 Series Chevy Blazers and GMC Jimmys with the 5.7L engine.