Overdrive and Underdrive 8 Groove Alternator Pulleys for Ford 7.3L, 6.0L, and 6.4L Power Stroke Diesel

pulley cutaway comparison

With a standard 7" Crank Pulley running at 650 RPM, the various sized pulleys will spin at:

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242266 58mm OD 1995 RPM
2422611 64mm OD 1807 RPM
242269 69mm OD 1677 RPM

That's an 18% Increase in speed over the largest stock pulley.

The Power Stroke Diesel with the 8 Groove Serpentine Pulley on the alternator was first used in 1994 with the Motorcraft 3G Series Large Case 130 amp Alternator. Ford used the 130 amp Large Case 3G series alternator until 1998. In 1999 Ford went to the 110 Amp Small Case 6G series Alternator for Power to Maintain the Batteries.  Dual Alternators was an option with the Diesel when the vehicle was originally ordered but most people didn't get the Dual Alternator Option. The Small Case 110 amp 6G series alternator proved to be quite problematic for Ford, the small case alternator just doesn't have what it takes to Power Glow Plugs and Two Batteries. We do offer complete New Heavy Duty Large Case 6G Series Alternators to fit in place of your 110 Amp small case 6G alternator ( here ) 

Without getting a Larger Alternator a Smaller Pulley will turn your alternator faster, giving you more output when you need it, at idle. To tell if a smaller pulley can help, you just touch the gas up off idle and it charges enough then a smaller pulley may help. NOTE: You may need to place washers under the alternator to raise it up to maintain proper belt tension. This overdrive pulley can be good for:  snow plows, winches, stereos, inverters, off road vehicles, rock climbers and more.

CAUTION: Over Spinning your alternator can case alternator failure so be aware of your alternators RPM. Alternators are only good for about 18,000 RPM for short periods, for longer times running I wouldn't go over 15,000 RPM. To calculate an alternators RPM you take the Alternator pulley diameter and divide it into the crank pulley diameter. You do not count any other pulleys such as idler pulleys or power steering, just alternator divided into crank diameters. Example: Alternator Pulley Diameter = 2 inches / divided into 6 inch crank pulley equals 6/2 = 3, the ration is 3 to one, so if your motor is turning 1,000 RPM your alternator is turning 3,000 RPM

6g alternator with collar
6G Alternator With Collar
3g alternator without collar
3G Alternator Without Collar

The 8 groove Pulley cross section above shows the cutout at the rear of the Pulley that is required for 1999 and up 6G series Power Stroke Alternators that have an aluminum collar protruding out as part of the front housing casting. The earlier 3G series did not have this protruding collar so the rear of the pulley is not cut out. These pulleys with the cutout at the rear of the pulley can be used on the earlier 3G series well as the later 6G Alternator but earlier 3G pulleys cannot be used on later 6G series Alternators.

With the center hub cut out this pulley will fit both collared and non-collared front housings.

Alternator Pulley Removal and Replacement

The pulley on the 3G series and 6g series alternators do not have a keyway and do not use a locking compound to hold the pulley on. The pressure from the nut is what holds the pulley on and keeps it from slipping so great care should be taken to re-tighten the pulley. The nut may have a locking compound on the threads and may require slight heating to release the thread locker.

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Replaces: Ford F3HU-10A352-AB, F3HZ-10344-A, F5TU-10A352-AA, F5TZ-10344-AA, F5UU-10A352-C1A, F5UU-10A352-C2A, F5UU-10A352-CA, F5UU-C2A, F5UZ-10344-C, F65U-10344-AA, F65U-10A352-A2A, F65U-10A352-AA, F65Z-10344-AA, F81U-10A352-BA, F81U-10A352-C2A, F81U-10A352-CA, F81U-B2A, F81U-C2A, GP693, GP711, GP718, GP720; Visteon ALT-C-009, ALT-C-011, ALT-C-181, ALT-C-182;

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