High Output Alternators For Toyota Applications.

Upgrading Toyota's Nippondenso alternator can be problematic. First the original alternators used on Toyota vehicles are quite physically small so getting any kind of low end or idle output is out of the question. Second, heavy duty alternator components that can hold up to higher outputs are limited for these alternators. The larger GM based CS-144 series alternator has a mounting configuration that is very close to the mounting configuration used on most Toyota vehicles. Check it out, If your Toyota vehicle has an alternator with the mounting type similar to the ones shown below then adapting the larger, more reliable, better performing CS-144 type single rectifier and the Patent-Pending Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier Alternator is very easy. stock toyota alternator front stock toyota alternator rear Toyota's Nippondenso alternator front view Rear view

dual rectifier cs144 GM Based CS-144 type 250 amp Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier Alternator shown The 6/12 mounting style on the CS-144 type dual rectifier alternator is a very close match. It uses the same thick mount/ thin mount arrangement just like Toyota. The Toyota "thick" mount is approximately 2-1/4" and the GM based unit has a thick mount of 2" exactly. So all you need to do is insert a few washers to shim the GM's 2" mount to the 2-1/4" Toyota bracket. Then a little wiring work which we can help. Most Toyota vehicles have the clearance around the alternator area for the larger alternator. If you do not need as much power and reliability that the Extreme Duty Dual Rectifier Alternator has to offer then we also have the 6/12 mount in a single rectifier version for a lower price than the dual rectifier alternators. Click here for the CS-144 type 140, 170, 200 and 250 amp Dual Rectifier Alternator Order Page Click here for the CS-144 type 140, 170, 200 amp Single Rectifier Alternator Order Page