Ford Explorer High Output Alternator Upgrade - 3G, 4G, and 6G Series Alternators

Upgrade the Small Case Alternator on Your Ford Explorer or F-Series Truck, E-Series Van, or Expedition; As Well As the Lincoln Navigator

The Ford Explorer is a full-sizecrossover SUVsold inNorth Americaand built by theFord Motor Companysince 1990, as a replacement for the smaller but relatedFord Bronco II. It is manufactured inChicago, Illinois(it was also assembled inHazelwood, Missouriuntil the plant closed on March 10, 2006). The Ford Explorer was instrumental in turning the SUV from a special-interest vehicle into one of the most popular vehicle types on the road. It is marked asFord'sonly mid-sizedSUVand is slotted between the largerFord Expeditionand the smallerFord Escape. Though the Ford Escape is a crossover and the Expedition and Explorer are traditional SUVs, Ford considers all three vehicles to make up their "SUV" portfolio. Their "crossover" portfolio consists of theFord Flexand theFord Edge

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Ford 3G Series Alternator
Ford 3G Series Alternator
Ford 6G Series Alternator
Ford 6G Series Alternator
Ford 4G Series Alternator
Ford 4G Series Alternator

Above are the three main alternators for the Ford Explorer. From left to right they are Ford's 3G, 6G, and 4G series alternators. Both the 3G and 6G come in large and small case sizes. The 4G comes in only one case size, on the F-150 Lightning Series. Click the pictures above to go directly to the alternator's order page.

3G Series Alternator

ford e series van

The 3G series was most commonly used in early Explorers This includes the 1997-2001 Ford F-series Trucks, Lincoln Navigators, and the Ford Expedition. The E-Series van used the 3G exclusively from 1997 till 2004, and next to the 6G series from 2005-2008. Our large case 3G series alternator fits directly in place of the standard stock small case alternators used on the E-Series vans until 2004, and on the F-Series Truck until 2002. You can view the various amperages, as well as order the large case, 3G series alternator by clicking here to view the 3G Series Alternator Page ( .

6G Series Alternator

The 6G series alternator is used in the later Explorer vehicles. It is used exclusively on 2002 to 2004 Non-Lightning, Ford F-Series trucks, as well as Lincoln Navigators and Ford Expeditions after 2002. The most common 6G series mounting styles for the Explorer are either the 8253M Power Stroke style mount, or the 8303M Expedition style mount. The 6G was also used on E-Series vans from 2005 till 2008, when it was replaced by Denso and Mazda alternators. Read more about our 6G series, large case alternator here ( .

lincoln navigator

4G Series Alternator

Was used on some 4.0 motors

ford f-series lightning

The 4G series alternator was used with the 4.0 V6 on some Explorers. Read more about this alternator on our 4G series alternator page here (