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Stock Output and High Output Alternators available for the Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles listed below..

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Note: Stock Amperage alternators ship from one of several Warehouse locations: Los Angeles, CA; Orlando, FL; Allentown, PA; Memphis, TN, Cincinnati, OH We ship from the location nearest you, which means you will receive your stock unit in one or two days, depending on when the order comes in. We do not process orders on the weekend. High output alternators are custom made in Michigan.

Ford 6G series alternator with Quicktifier

Need a More Powerful Ford Motorcraft Type Alternator?

Bigger, Better High Output Alternators for your Ford F Series Truck, Escape, Expedition, Crown Victoria, Taurus and More!

Now you can have it. With the development of the new Quicktifier Remote Bridge Rectifier (click here for more information) units are now available as high as 250 amps , with greater reliability. On many Ford family vehicles, the mounting position of the alternator leads many high output units to fail before their time. The problem can be traced back to the bridge rectifier , either by inadequate airflow or from too much power passing through the diodes. By adding the Quicktifier to the Ford Motorcraft type 6G series (shown left), 4G series, or 3G series alternator, you double the number of diodes so the power passes through more diodes , preventing these electrical traffic jams and eventual failure. Available in with a single 210 amp rated rectifier or dual rectifiers rated at 420 amps the Quicktifier has what it takes to provide long life and more power to your high output alternator. Don't wait, upgrade today!

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Top Quality Complete 100% NEW! Alternators Ready to Install, from 80 to 250 Amps. Alternators for many types of Ford Motor Company cars ( Ford, Lincoln, Mercury ), light and heavy duty trucks, Ford High amp alternator, Alternator upgrade for Ford, high amp alternators, Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles. If you need an upgraded Hi-Amp alternator, High Output alternator for your E series, F series truck, Crown Victoria, Lincoln, Mercury Grand Marquis and more in the Ford Family vehicle lineup, call 1-616-606-5045 to see if we have one for your vehicle.


The alternator series listings below are all the series alternators use by Ford, Lincoln, & Mercury vehicles since the mid 60's,starting with the 1G series external regulated alternator, the newest alternator is the 6G series. Call to find out which series alternator your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle has.

All high output alternators ship from Michigan only. CALL for details.




  1. Ford Diesel Engine Alternators for: '82 and Newer Ford F-Series Trucks and E-Series Vans.

  2. Ford 5.4L Triton V8 Alternators for: '97 and Newer Ford F-Series Truck, E-Series Van, Excursion and Mustangs; Lincoln Navigator

  3. 1G Type Alternator

  4. 2G Type Alternator (we do not recommend upgrading the amperage of the 2G series alternator because of fire problems caused by the "power plug". It is better to upgrade from the 2G Series to the 3G high output alternator)

  5. 3G Type Alternator

  6. 4G Type Alternator

  7. 6G Type Alternator

  8. Dual Rectifier Mitsubishi Alternator for Ford Trucks, Vans & SUV's, 215 amps HOT

  9. 1999-2009Power Stroke Diesel 6G Alternator Upgrade 140, 160, & 200 Amp Large Case Alternators.

  10. 1992-2009 Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis Standard Duty, Heavy Duty and High Output Alternators

  11. Crown Victoria click here to see the 200 4G alternator with Quicktifier 420 attached

  12. F Series Pickup - Click Here to see Ford F-150 Series Alternator History and fit. 3G, 4G, and 6G Series High Output Alternators.

  13. Ranger click here to see the 200 6G alternator with Quicktifier 420 attached

  14. Grand Marquis click here to see the 200 4G alternator with Quicktifier 420 attached




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